UX/UI Design, Webflow, Graphic Design

Faces and Laces

To immerse users in a digital and real-world scavenger hunt, while educating them on fashion history and driving sales through a captivating campaign.

"Faces and Laces" isn't just a brand; it's an expedition into the heart of fashion history. This project required the creation of a dynamic, interactive website built on Webflow, and the comprehensive branding for an initiative that transported users through a treasure hunt of unique fashion artifacts. Users were enticed to search for these artifacts on street posters and had the opportunity to purchase them through the website, culminating in a grand prize - the main artifact.
Integrated Experience: Bridging the gap between offline poster searches and online purchases, ensuring a seamless transition and user experience.
Captivating Design: Creating a website and brand aesthetic that captured the historical essence of the artifacts while retaining a modern appeal to resonate with the target audience.
Engagement Strategy: Ensuring the hunt was engaging, challenging, yet achievable, encouraging maximum participation while educating users about the history of fashion.
The "Faces and Laces" campaign became a resounding success, generating over 30 million impressions. Its innovative blend of history, street-level interaction, and digital immersion caught the imagination of users, leading to the rapid sell-out of the entire artifact collection. The project not only achieved its commercial objectives but also fostered a deeper appreciation for fashion history among participants.