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History of the Vinyl

To introduce and promote the concept of podcasts on vinyl, targeting both vinyl aficionados and podcast enthusiasts, through a visually stunning marketing website and a thoughtfully designed vinyl package.

"History of the Vinyl" is where the nostalgic charm of vinyl records meets the modern pulse of podcasts. This project was a dual challenge, not only requiring the design of a sleek and compelling marketing website but also the tangible, tactile experience of the vinyl record and its packaging. It aimed to evoke emotions, bridging the gap between two disparate audio worlds while offering a unique listening experience.
Mood Boards: Initial mood boards captured the essence of both vinyl records and podcasts, aiding in the evolution of a unified design language.

Prototyping and Mock-ups: Digital prototypes for the website and physical mock-ups for the vinyl package ensured the tangible experience was as immersive as the digital.

User Testing: Feedback on both the website and the vinyl package design was gathered from target users, ensuring the end product resonated with both vinyl lovers and podcast enthusiasts.
Maintaining a cohesive aesthetic between the digital realm of the marketing website and the physical world of the vinyl and its packaging.
Me and the Vinyl.
Functionality Meets Design: The vinyl packaging needed to be both aesthetically pleasing and functional, ensuring protection, display appeal, and user-friendly access to the record.
The "History of the Vinyl" project seamlessly blended the old with the new, creating a buzz in both the vinyl and podcast communities. The marketing website drove intrigue and sales, while the vinyl package design became a collector's delight. The unique juxtaposition of podcasts on vinyl created a distinctive brand, offering a fresh take on audio consumption.