UX/UI Design, Product Design

Momence Schedule & Events Plugin

To empower businesses with a seamless, on-site booking solution that enhances visitor engagement, reduces bounce rates, and drives conversions.

The power to bring your audience closer often lies in the small details. Recognizing a significant need among our users, we developed the Momence Schedule & Events Plugin - a feature-rich tool designed to let businesses effortlessly showcase their schedules and available events. The magic of this plugin is its ability to facilitate direct bookings, enabling visitors to reserve spots without ever leaving the host website. A direct response to user demand, this high-conversion feature has not only been met with outstanding feedback but has also uplifted the overall Momence user experience.
Seamless Integration: Designing the plugin to easily fit and function across diverse website architectures.

User-Friendly Interface: Ensuring that both the end-user and the website owner found the tool intuitive and efficient.

Customizability: Providing users with adequate customization options, including the unique feature of custom font integration, to match their branding needs.
Direct Booking Mechanism: Implemented a robust system that allowed real-time bookings, ensuring visitors had the most up-to-date information on availability.

Design Flexibility: Integrated extensive design choices, including the ability to use custom fonts, guaranteeing users could make the plugin visually consistent with their website's design language.

Responsive Design: Ensured the plugin was fully responsive, allowing for a consistent experience across devices and screen sizes.
With the launch of the Momence Schedule & Events Plugin, businesses saw a tangible boost in engagement and conversions. Its introduction not only addressed a long-standing user request but also set a new standard for on-site booking experiences. The added layers of customization, especially the ability to integrate custom fonts, was a standout feature that reiterated Momence's commitment to user-centric design and development.