UX/UI Design, Webflow, Illustration


To create a compelling and interactive recruitment platform, leveraging digital tools to showcase opportunities at Sheremetevo and to make the recruitment process more engaging for potential specialists.

In a landmark collaboration between Sheremetevo, Russia's largest airport, and VK, we embarked on an ambitious project to redefine recruitment branding for the airport specialists. The primary aim was not just to attract top-tier talent but to give them an immersive experience of what it means to be part of the Sheremetevo community.
Webflow Interactive Mapping: Built an intricate interactive map on Webflow, providing users with a virtual tour of Sheremetevo, showcasing different departments, roles, and opportunities.
Tailored Illustrations: Crafting custom illustrations that encapsulated the spirit and vibrancy of Sheremetevo while aligning with the overarching theme of the recruitment campaign.
Engagement Strategy: Ensuring the hunt was engaging, challenging, yet achievable, encouraging maximum participation while educating users about the history of fashion.
The project set new benchmarks in recruitment branding. With millions of impressions, it not only drew potential recruits' attention but also garnered appreciation from the broader marketing community. The campaign was further adorned with nominations for several esteemed awards in the marketing realm, solidifying its position as an iconic endeavor in the field.