UX/UI Design, Design system, Mobile App Design

Momence App and Branded apps system

To extend the Momence experience to mobile platforms, allowing users to connect with our hosts anytime, anywhere, while also offering customizable branding options to cater to specific host requirements.

With the rise of mobile-first consumers, Momence leaped into the mobile app landscape. Developed from the ground up, the Momence app is a testament to our commitment to providing users with a seamless and immersive experience, tailored to their handheld devices. Bridging the gap between hosts and users, the application encapsulates the essence of Momence, with a slew of distinctive features designed to elevate user interaction. Furthermore, recognizing the diverse branding needs of our hosts, we integrated a sophisticated design system that allowed for a white-label application approach, empowering hosts to make the app uniquely theirs.
Cross-Platform Development: Creating a cohesive user experience across both Android and iOS platforms.

Feature Integration: Embedding the unique features of Momence within the confines of a mobile interface without compromising on user-friendliness.

White-Label Customization: Designing a system that could be easily adapted to various brand identities without losing the core functionality and feel of the original app.
Unified Design System: Developed a design system that ensured consistency in visuals and interactions across platforms, while also allowing for branding variations.

Feature-First Approach: Prioritized user-centric features, ensuring the essence of Momence was palpable in every interaction within the app.

Branding Flexibility: Created a robust white-label solution that allowed hosts to adapt the app's visuals and branding while retaining its core features and functionality.
The Momence app became an instant favorite among our users, garnering widespread acclaim for its intuitive design and unique features. By offering both a brand-consistent experience and the flexibility of a white-label solution, we catered to a wide spectrum of needs, reinforcing our position as an industry leader in user engagement and customization.