UX/UI Design, Branding, Graphic Design


To breathe fresh life into Russia's most extensive cinema network, ensuring consistency, modernity, and a sense of renewed vibrancy across hundreds of theaters while catering to diverse audiences and cinematic genres.

The project undertook the monumental task of rebranding Russia's largest cinema network, which spanned hundreds of cinemas nationwide. It wasn't just about a visual uplift; it was about rejuvenating the entire cinematic experience. From key visuals to branding for specific film festivals and artistic interventions on the cinema walls, every aspect was rethought, redesigned, and reintroduced.
Scale of Implementation: Orchestrating a unified rebrand across hundreds of theaters while catering to their unique architecture, audiences, and regional nuances.

Diverse Branding Needs: Crafting distinct yet consistent branding elements for different film festivals hosted by the network throughout the year.
Visual Branding Toolkit: Developed a versatile set of key visuals that could be adapted and implemented across various theaters, ensuring consistency yet allowing for individuality.

Custom Artwork: Engaged in on-site wall paintings, turning cinemas into immersive artistic experiences, and fostering a deeper connection between the venue and its visitors.

Collaborative Workshops: Organized workshops with cinema stakeholders, ensuring the rebrand resonated with the network's goals, audience expectations, and the broader cinematic vision.
The cinema network's rebrand was not just a facelift—it was a transformation. With theaters across the nation adopting the new branding, the network witnessed a surge in visitor engagement, appreciation, and brand loyalty. The wall paintings, in particular, became iconic, turning theaters into landmarks and enhancing the overall cinematic experience. Through this project, the cinema network was repositioned as a modern, vibrant, and essential hub for movie enthusiasts across Russia.